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2018 Special Enrollment Period

The 2018 Special Enrollment Period is from February 1, 2018 to November 15, 2018.

The Special Enrollment Period is a time outside the Open Enrollment Period when you can sign up for individual medical coverage. Enrollment during the Special Enrollment Period is only allowed if you have experienced a qualifying life event. If you do not qualify, you will need to wait until the next Open Enrollment Period to apply for coverage. If you have experienced a qualifying life changing event, you must apply for coverage within 60 days of that event.
Some examples of qualifying life events:
Losing health coverage, including a group plan or an individual policy; Giving birth to or adopting a child; Permanently moving to a new area where your current plan doesn't provide coverage; Your dependent turning age 26 and losing his or her coverage on your plan, Getting married or entering into a domestic partnership; Getting divorced or ending a domestic partnership.
View complete list of qualifying life events

Please use the County list below to find information about the carriers and plans that are available in the county in which you reside.


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If you are applying for coverage on the Exchange, review these instructions. A summary pdf about the instructions can be found here. If you are not planning on applying through the Exchange, please use the links on our carrier webpages, found here.

Apply for coverage through the Exchange here.