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Exclusive Policy-Holder Access to eRisk Hub

The wise old adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” best describes the philosophy of NORDIC’s Risk Management Department, which focuses on reducing the frequency and severity of malpractice claims.

We know the best way to meet this goal is to improve the quality of dental care through education. To that end, Risk Management has developed informative presentations and publications online and accessible on our eRisk Hub.

  • Learning Center
    Featuring articles and white papers written by industry and legal experts on compliance, network security, privacy and breach recovery
  • New Center
    Featuring up-to-date and relevant network security and privacy news, blogs, risk management and information industry links
  • Prevention topics
  • Response
    Call the Breach Coach - providing 30 minutes of free consultation with an experienced network security and privacy attorney following a breach

    Access to free webinars about responding to data breaches and privacy losses

    Find legal experts experienced in breach notification, business continuity and regulatory compliance

    Consult with computer forensic professionals to investigate a breach event

    Retain a public relations firm experienced in managing data breach and privacy communications
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