Washington Dentists' Insurance Agency


Since its founding in 1989, NORDIC has grown dramatically by focusing on providing superior claims defense, timely risk management advice, and efficient customer service. Today, they serve more than 2,600 dentists with an 80 percent market share in Washington and a bright future in Idaho.

NORDIC specializes in protecting dentists, unlike most of our competitors who sell dental malpractice insurance as a sideline business.  Dentists representing Washington and Idaho serve on NORDIC’s Board of Directors ensuring that they operate in the best interests of our dentist policy holders.  They also offer complementary risk management advice to policy holders.

To apply for NORDIC Professional Liability or Business Owners Policy, please complete the appropriate form below and email or fax it to: megan@wsda.org or 206-269-1922:

New Graduate Professional Liability
Professional Liability
Corporate Professional Liability
Business Owners Policy

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