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Group Medical

WDIA provides group medical insurance quotes for employers and their employees from several leading insurance companies.
Group Medical coverage is a great employee benefit and at this time offers more stability in plans and provider networks than individual coverage.
If you are thinking of beginning a group medical plan for your office, here are some things to consider:
• A group medical plan can have 1 or more members. For a 1 member group, the member must be an employee, it cannot be the business owner.

· Ideally, carriers would like a business to have been operating for at least one quarter before starting a group plan. If you have just opened your business, carriers may require you to provide supporting documentation.

· Depending on the size of the group, tax documentation may be required to start a group plan.

· The employer can choose the minimum hours to be eligible for the plan, however for some carriers, the minimum cannot be under 20 hours per week. You may be asked to submit a copy of your Employee Quarterly State Hour & Wage Tax Report (5208 A & B) for proof of hours worked.
· The employer is required to pay a minimum of 50% of all premium costs (some carriers require 75%). 

· Rates are based on the plan you choose and the ages of those on the plan. 

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