Business Owners’ Insurance for Washington State Dentists

WDIA business owners’ insurance policies are focused on serving dentists. We offer competitive rates, and your premium supports the business of dentistry.

Dental practice ownership involves complexities and unique professional insurance needs. Those needs extend beyond typical small business owners’ policies to the operational aspects of your practice, like equipment and technology. More importantly, they include the way you earn income for yourself and your dental care team. WDIA agents possess a depth of knowledge about dentistry that few other insurance experts can offer.

To apply for a business owner’s policy please request a quote or call us at 800-282-9342.

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Insurance to Protect Your Dental Practice

If you have a practice loan or a lease, you are required to carry a business owners’ insurance policy to protect your dental practice. Your business owners’ policy provides a level of general liability coverage to protect you against claims from accidents and mishaps. Generally, we recommend dental practice owners invest in business owners’ policies that cover:
  • Physical accidents, that cover things like trips and falls.
  • Property damage caused by water, fire, or vandalism.
  • Income loss while rebuilding your practice if the unthinkable occurs.
Your business owners’ policy mitigates your risk of potentially costly repairs and rebuilding. Your policy also helps cover expenses if operations are impacted by the above, by providing support for overhead costs and income loss.

Dental Practice Coverage for Acts of Nature

In some cases, additional coverage for acts of nature from outside of your building may be advised. If you own your building, you should consider a policy that covers acts of nature.

When you research and purchase your business owners’ insurance policy for your dental practice, please ask about coverage for acts of nature. In Washington, we know all too well how one nasty storm can wreak havoc or an earthquake can disrupt business as usual.

To learn more about your options for coverage please request a quote or call us at 800-282-9342.
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