Insurance Tips for Established Practice Owners

We’ve assembled insurance tips for dentists who are established practice owners.
If more than a couple years have passed since you updated insurance policies, it’s time for a comprehensive exam. Just like dentistry advances, so do insurance policies.
WDIA works with you to create a coverage plan that supports the health of your business, protect your nest egg, and position your practice for a healthy future. 
established practice owner with patient
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Who WDIA Works With

WDIA works with dentists throughout every aspect of their careers. From sole owners, partner practices, group practices, and practices in transition, we’ve got you covered.
We work in collaboration with wealth advisors and financial planning professionals, on behalf of dentists. Our insurance policies are available to dentists at secured rates, and with clauses designed to protect your practice.
When it comes to insurance specifically designed for dentists, we provide exceptional expertise with unparalleled value.

Insurance Policies Each Dental Practice Owner Should Review

Business owners’ insurance policies are frequently updated. Review your current coverage needs to see if you qualify for a lower-cost policy. For example, if you paid down practice loans or purchased your practice location, there may be a new policy that better meets your needs.

Disability and life insurance policies need to be updated as you advance in your career. You’ll need coverage that aligns with your present-day finances. This ensures adequate income for you and your family, funds to pay-off debts or to support a successful business sale if you are unable to work.

Professional liability is mandated, so we all have it. The policy you bought a few years back might not sufficiently cover you today. The fact is, most dentists are sued for malpractice during their careers. Having a sound professional liability policy in place provides you with ready access to legal counsel and resources if, and when you need them.

Group medical coverage matters to dental care teams today. The market for medical benefits has been turbulent and changeable for some time. Procuring up-to-date group medical policies can help you entice and retain the best talent for your team now and into the future.